About Us

About Us

Cytogence is a registered tradename of Evo Group Technologies, Inc.  We are a Vermont-based start-up that was founded in 2011.  We originally began as a provider of custom hardware and software solutions.  While the company developed unique products ranging from RFID enabled parking meters to enterprise level resource management software, we shifted our focus to bioinformatics solutions, and in particular, analysis packages for flow cytometry and genomic data.  In 2016, the company re-domesticated to the State of Alabama, and registered the tradename “Cytogence” to better represent the products and services offered.

Cytogence is committed in providing unique informatics solutions at an affordable cost for researchers, academic and private institutions, and for students.  Our goal is to develop solutions that help streamline scientific research, increasing transparency and reproducibility of experiments and data.  It is our hope that our products and services aid in research progress, making future new discoveries more reachable.



Cytogence | noun | cy・to・gence | \ sī-ˈtō-jən(t)s \

The ability to comprehend high dimensional and complex biomedical data, and distill its information into an easy-to-follow representation that is abstract yet accurate.

When you combine experts in cell biology and immunology, with computer scientists and statisticians…you get Cytogence.  We develop a suite of software catered toward biomedical researchers needing the ability to analyze complex, and high dimensional data in the most intuitive yet dynamic experience ever.

Cytogent | adjective | cy・to・gent | \ sī-ˈtō-jənt \

Having or showing cytogence, especially of a high level.