Orca – Gene Expression Analysis App

A macOS native app for differential gene expression analysis.

Orca is a gene expression analysis software that is native to macOS, and does not require additional plugins or run-time environments, such as Java™. With Orca, there’s no more copy & paste errors and tedious tasks to analyse and generate reports on gene expression data. The application allows for seamless analysis of differential gene expression on various types of gene expression data sets, such as RNAseq, MicroArray and NanoString®.

Orca is a one time purchase which gives you *lifetime* access to the app. All updates to the app are made available to you for free and our team is constantly developing new and exciting features. This is unlike many analysis packages available to biomedical scientists that require monthly or annual subscriptions which can easily become cost prohibitive.

For more details, visit our product page!

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