Let Genie help you with finding new qPCR primers, organizing your inventory, and analyzing data.  No need to search the literature or fish through multiple databases to find genes associated with a particular pathway or gene signature. With Genie you can search them by name and find genes and their primers, which you can quickly add to your list.  You can also design your reaction plate using your stored primers and analyze data after running your experiment.  In short, Genie is community & computationally driven.   Learn more.


A macOS native app for gene expression analysis.  Whether it be qPCR, RNAseq, microarray, or NanoString™ you can analyze differential expression, and visualize your data as graphs or in a heatmap.  Graphs can be exported as high resolution, journal quality figures.  With integrated annotation for 27 species, you can easily learn more about your genes of interest through the app, and with a simple click, access NCBI Gene data. This is the “next-generation” analysis platform.  Learn more.


iOS Apps


iCentrifuge is a free app that lets you quickly calculate RCFs or RPMs for centrifuges that do not support on-board conversions.  You can also pick from pre-defined rotors or use your own.  With the free version of the app, save up to 10 configurations in your favorites and have access to 6 pre-defined rotors from major manufacturers, like Eppendorf, Beckman Coulter, and Sorvall.