Cytogence Mercury

Leading bioinformatics with the intuitive and fast cloud NGS pipeline.

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the ability to learn or understand complex biological and cellular processes.


Focus on what matters most.

Rapidly identify genes of interest using intuitive heatmaps. Orca's graphing function helps make creating publication-ready graphs a breeze.

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Analyze qPCR data with confidence.

Don't let qPCR primer design keep you from gene expression analysis. Genie makes primer design to lab data management simply enjoyable.

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Advanced Analytics

Whether it's SaS, R, Python, TensorFlow, SciKit-Learn, or Prism - let us take care of your analyitcal needs.

Scientific Consulting

Need help with study design, scientific and grant writing, or illustrations? Contact us to schedule a free consult.

Cloud Solutions

We develop versatile cloud solutions with comprehensive data management plans. As registered AWS and GCP partners, we are 100% cloud-ready.

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