the ability to learn or understand complex biological and cellular processes.

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Connect to our cloud solution using one of our every-growing Cytogence family of applications.

Orca Orca is a gene expression analysis software that is native to macOS. With Orca, there's no more copy-and-paste errors and tedious tasks to analyze and generate reports on gene expression data. The application allows for seamless analysis of differential gene expression on various types of gene expression data sets, such as RNAseq and MicroArray.
Sea Lion Sea Lion is a macOS native app that brings a new experience to data analysis. With sample and group analysis aware platform and UI, users can intuitively arrange their data, perform statistical analysis, and visualize their data in graphs or plots. Go on, dive into your data with a splash! Coming to the Apple AppStore in August 2019.
Genie Whether you wish for qPCR primers or a powerful tool to analyze qPCR data, you can count on Genie to grant it. Genie helps make finding and keeping track of genes and primers a breeze.
Cytopedia Analyze multiparamter flow cytometry data with a new and intuitive platform and statistical tools. Cytopedia has a user-friendly interface designed using feedback from scientists who perform flow cytometry extensively in their careers. The platform also offers advanced statistical analysis tools, such as dimensional reduction models, to allow for easier analysis of target populations.


Cloud storage for biomedical researchers

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Access powerful analysis tools from your mobile phone, laptop or desktop, and the cloud. Supercharge your analysis with cloud storage and computation using our intuitive web-based and local application solutions.


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