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Accelerate Your Innovation with SBIR/STTR

Expert guidance through every phase of SBIR/STTR applications to secure funding and commercialize your technology.

Commercialization Expertise

Navigating SBIR/STTR Funding

Dive into the world of SBIR/STTR grants with our expert guidance. These programs are designed to support the commercialization of innovative technologies through federal funding. We provide comprehensive support for both Phase I feasibility studies and Phase II development efforts, helping you navigate the application process efficiently and increase your chances of success.

Grant Fundamentals

Key Features of SBIR/STTR

SBIR/STTR grants are critical tools for small businesses aiming to bring innovative technologies to market. The SBIR program focuses on domestic small businesses engaging in federal research/R&D with potential for commercialization. The STTR program, similarly, requires collaboration with research institutions. Both programs are structured into Phase I, to prove feasibility, and Phase II, to develop and commercialize the innovation. Understanding these phases and their requirements is crucial for a successful application.

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Our Services

Phase I Application Preparation

We guide you through the initial phase of SBIR/STTR applications, focusing on establishing the feasibility of your technology. Our team helps articulate your concept's novelty, potential for commercialization, and the technical objectives that align with funding agency goals.

Phase II Application Development

Building on a successful Phase I, we assist in developing a comprehensive proposal for Phase II, which focuses on detailed R&D and plans for commercialization. Our expertise ensures your application demonstrates a clear path to market, meeting the rigorous criteria of SBIR/STTR programs.

Commercialization Strategy

Essential to Phase II success, our strategic planning services focus on defining a robust commercialization plan. We help outline market potential, competitor analysis, and business model strategies to convincingly project the commercial success of your innovation.

Post-Award Support & Compliance

After securing funding, our services extend to include post-award management, ensuring compliance with federal regulations and effective implementation of your project's commercialization strategies.

Why Choose Us

Choose Cytogence for our proven track record and deep understanding of the SBIR/STTR grant process. We specialize in transforming innovative concepts into fundable projects with clear commercialization paths. Our dedicated team offers personalized guidance, strategic planning, and crucial insights into federal funding mechanisms, ensuring your application stands out. Partner with us to leverage our expertise for your technological and commercial success.

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