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About Us

We're more than a group of engineers and scientists.

We're an extraordinary and diverse team of innovators with years of academic and industry experience. We understand the importance of protecting new discoveries and inventions. We started Cytogence to offer guidance and support to individuals, teams, and firms through the processes of patent and intellectual property protection and regulatory compliance.



Years of Team Experience


Successful Projects


Team Members


Happy Clients

Our values

Immutable laws that drive our business

Accountability & Ownership

We follow the OZ Principle in holding ourselves and each other accountable, thinking ahead on how else we can do even better.

Customers Success

A successful project requires us to understand the goals and business requirements from our customer's perspective.

Teamwork & Transparency

We work closely with our customers to ensure that all parties understand the project goals and tasks, while maintaining an open communication.

Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes sometime happen, but we learn from them, analyze it using the five-whys, and prevent them from happening again.

Proactive not Reactive

A reactionary response is merely a survival response. To be successful we proactively work with our customers to plan for success.

Trusted by the top patent and intellectual property firms in the US

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Kyoto, JAPAN