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Protecting Your Innovations

Navigate the complex world of intellectual property with our expert guidance.

Intellectual Property

Empowering Innovation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation, protecting your intellectual property is more crucial than ever. At Cytogence, we offer comprehensive IP services tailored to secure your inventions and enhance your market position. Whether you're looking to perfect patent drawings or need expert scientific consulting, our dedicated team is here to ensure your creative and scientific assets are fully protected and strategically leveraged.

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Scientific Consulting

Scientific Consulting

Leverage our deep expertise in immunology and related scientific fields to strengthen your patent applications and R&D strategies. At Cytogence, our Scientific Consulting service provides critical insights and advice to maximize the potential of your intellectual property. From conceptualization to commercialization, our guidance is tailored to ensure your innovations stand out in the competitive market.

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Patent Drawings

Our Patent Drawing service specializes in creating detailed, precise diagrams that meet the stringent standards of the USPTO. With our team of experienced artists and PhD-level experts, your drawings will not only support your patent applications but enhance the presentation of your innovative ideas. Trust Cytogence to deliver clarity and precision that protects your intellectual work.

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US to Japan IP Filings

Comprehensive support for American companies seeking to protect their intellectual property in Japan. This specialized service includes patent application filings, trademark registrations, and strategic IP management, all tailored to navigate Japan’s unique legal landscape. Partnering with experienced local law firms, we provide seamless, expert guidance to ensure your innovations are securely and effectively registered in Japan.

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